Monday, July 31, 2006

Science quiz #1


I have decided to give you - my audience - a science quiz, which is to be scheduled every month (depending on how many answers are submitted). This quiz will contain one mathematics question, and two questions from either chemistry, physics or biology.

This is aimed for those taking science in the last few years of secondary school, but nevertheless, everyone can participate.

Science quiz #1

Question 1
Find, with full working, the square root of the square root of negative one. Express your answer in the form +/- a(b + i), where a and b are constants.

(Maximum of 10 marks.)

Question 2
Discuss the factors which determine the melting or boiling points of organic compounds. Illustrate your answer by reference to four different types of bonding interaction.

(Maximum of 24 marks.)

Question 3
Estimate the number of wind turbines necessary to give an output power of 2MW on a day when the wind speed is 15 ms^-1. Assume the density of air = 1 kgm^-3.

(Maximum of 6 marks.)

Total marks = 40 marks


1. You can answer by:
- email, or
- adding a comment

(Comments containing correct and/or wrong answers are not revealed until after the closing date.)

2. Submit your answers with your name and country (and your website link if applicable), and I will list the top 10 people with the highest scores on my website's sidebar.

3. 1 mark = 10 points

4. Don't worry if you get it wrong - the above questions are not supposed to be easy; a sound attempt (leading to a wrong answer) to a question will earn you 5 points.

5. You cannot submit two answers to the same question.

6. Quiz closes on July 31, 2006.

Good luck!