Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dream logs

Part 1

One day, I came back home to realise I have more siblings that I thought. I thought Matthew was more than enough to annoy me, but no, we had three (!?!?) in between us. I was the oldest, and Matthew, who I knew since he was born, was the youngest.

The scary thing is that they lived in our house without being noticed all these years.

Anyways, we decided to play tennis. The court was on the roof a very tall building and so we climbed a long way of spiral staircase. Suddenly, black clouds, really black clouds formed, which kept sinking to our level as we tried to escape back to the ground floor.

Part 2

When I went to my room, there were three classmates sleeping on my bed. They were listening to my music. Thankfully, it's music I don't mind people knowing I listen to. While they were relaxing on my bed, I was cleaning my room. There were lots of tissues on the floor...

Then we played pool in my living room. We just used the dining table.

Then one of my classmates said she missed the times when she and I played badminton, that we should play more.


Uh weird and confusing dreams!


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